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Pedro Sepini

Pedro Sepini is a partner and trader at Latitudes Brazilian Coffees, playing a crucial role in the identification, selection, and negotiation of specialty coffees, contributing to the promotion of Brazilian coffee quality in global markets.


He is a highly qualified professional deeply passionate about the world of coffee. His educational journey began with a degree in Agricultural Engineering, a field that provided him with a profound understanding of agricultural practices and coffee cultivation. Furthermore, he honed his expertise with a postgraduate degree in Global and International Business Management, with dual certification in Brazil and the United States (from the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Business - MIB). His specialization prepared him to navigate the complex challenges of international coffee trade, an ever-evolving industry.


Few agronomists in Brazil have such comprehensive training, and thanks to his practical experience in all stages of the coffee production chain, from cultivation and post-harvest processing to roasting, grading, tasting, and marketing of specialty coffees, he possesses a complete understanding of how coffee is produced and enhanced to meet the highest standards of the markets to which Latitudes Brazilian Coffees exports.


Furthermore, he is a coffee hunter and judge in regional coffee competitions for years, assisting both public and private companies in sourcing exceptional quality coffees from various coffee-producing regions of Brazil.


Pedro's passion for coffee began during his studies in coffee farming during his undergraduate years when he was a founding member of the Coffee Industry and Quality Studies Group at the Federal Institute of Education, Science, and Technology - Campus Machado/MG. Later, he had the opportunity to intern as a trainee in a project led by Edgard Bressani in Pedregulho, where he conducted comprehensive studies in all areas, from the seed to the cup. This internship was a pivotal moment in his career, solidifying his love for the world of specialty coffees and his commitment to promoting coffee excellence in both the Brazilian and international markets.

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