Edgard Bressani is the founder of Coffee Soul Brasil, the company which owns the brand Latitudes Brazilian Origins Coffees.

With vast experience in coffee, he was born in the state of Sao Paulo, in Ribeirao Preto, has a degree in Law, Business, Marketing and Journalism, studied to be a diplomat and became a true “ambassador" of Brazilian Specialty Coffee, and spends around 180 days a year abroad, selling coffees, promoting farms, holding cupping sessions for clients and prospects and doing presentations and seminars at events in Europe, Asia, Middle East and in the USA.

He is a certified Q-Grader by SCAA and a Coffeologist by Coffee Consulate, Mannheim, Germany, was Vice-president of BSCA - Brazil Specialty Coffee Association. From 2000 to 2004 he ran the Cafés do Brasil Marketing Program for the Promotion of Specialty Coffees conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture. He was also the Executive Director of Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA), a member of the International Relations Council of the SCAA and the Brazilian National Chapter Coordinator for the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE).

He has been involved with the organization of the barista competitions in Brazil since 2002, was the President of the Brazil Coffee and Barista Association (ACBB) from 2008-2012, President of Brazil Coffee Origins Association, author of the book “The Barista Guide” (fifth edition), and orchestrator of the web-based Barista Community at Peabirus (Brazil). Bressani was also a WCE Board Member appointed by SCAA (2012-2014). Bressani was in 2015 BSCA Vice-President and is a board member for 4 years. He is also a board member for AMSC - Alta Mogiana Specialty Coffee Association. And a member of ABCD - Brazil Cup Tasters Association. 




Edgard Bressani