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Adriano Reis

Adriano Reis is a prominent figure in the world of coffee, whose journey began in 1998 when he joined the renowned company Ipanema Coffees. His path started in the Quality Control department, and since then, he has demonstrated a burning passion and unwavering commitment to the pursuit of coffee excellence. In 2010, an invitation from Edgard Bressani led him to the exciting O'coffee project, where he assumed the role of Quality Manager in coffee production. It was at this moment that his career reached a new level, and he wholeheartedly immersed himself in his love for coffee. His dedication and unquestionable skill led him to achieve the coveted Q-Grader certification in 2012, a milestone that highlighted his sensory evaluation and coffee grading abilities.

In addition to his primary activities, Adriano Reis has also excelled as an instructor, teaching coffee grading and tasting courses. His ability to share his knowledge has made him a valued mentor for those looking to enhance their skills in the world of coffee. Adriano Reis is equally recognized as a judge in national and regional coffee competitions, where his experience and expertise are highly regarded. His refined palate and ability to discern nuances in coffee flavors have made him a valuable resource for the industry.

Furthermore, he possesses extensive experience in coffee post-harvest processing, a critical stage that determines the final quality of the beans. His knowledge spans processing methods, drying, and storage, ensuring that the coffees under his supervision reach their full potential in terms of flavor and aroma. In 2016, he accepted another significant challenge by joining the team at Exportadora Capricornio Coffees as the Quality Manager, a position he embraced with the same passion and dedication that has characterized him since the beginning of his career. Today, Adriano Reis is a proud partner and plays a vital role as the head of quality control at Latitudes Coffees. His journey in the world of coffee is a story of perseverance, love for the craft, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, both in his work and personal life. His name is synonymous with quality in the realm of coffee beans, and his contribution continues to shape and elevate the coffee industry.

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