Latitudes Grand Cru Coffees  was born from a dream of its founder Edgard Bressani, bringing his well known signature and vision of the international coffee market. His Marketing background and approach are unique! It is easy to recognize the projects he has created.


The dream of a coffee lover to create a company focused on strengthening ties between Brazilian coffee producers and international buyers,  

Edgard has always had an enormous desire to continue breaking paradigms and show that to the world that in Brazil buyers can find coffees of the highest quality as in any other origin .

He has spent 20 years of his life traveling the world for over 180 days, meeting the main buyers of specialty coffees and understanding their preferences in terms of sensory profiles and coffees. 

So many friendships brought many connections and today Latitudes promotes, besides Brazilian coffees, also some of the best specialty coffees from China, El Salvador and Peru. 


Latitudes Grand Cru Coffees invites you to embark on a journey. The journey of a small seed that became a plant — that generated another seed. It went through water, heat, the road, more heat, many blades, and more water. And behold, it shines, naturally sweet, intoxicating, all-encompassing.

Every coffee tells a story. It tells about nature, about many hands and affection. Other journeys. Knowing them brings us closer. Distances don't measure us. We are coordinates. We are a compass. We are global.

We stand side by side, approaching and treading new paths. We’re finding diversity along the way, subtleties and experiences.

It’s all about caring, strengthening, rediscovering. Rediscover Brazil, China, El Salvador and Peru, their wealth and their coffees. These continents of flavors. This universe of sensations. In your cup.


The passionate journey for coffee treasures. 


Latitudes Grand Cru Coffees is an exporting company (and also online platform in Brazil), selling fresh coffee in the domestic market and for the whole world. We also trade amazing high quality coffees from China, El Salvador and Peru. 


We were born to close the gap between some of the best coffees in the world and your cup.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of coffees from 33 different producing regions in Brazil, from the Amazon to Paraná (from the north to the south), selected by specialists with over 20 years of experience in the specialty coffee market.