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“To be a premium Brazilian specialty coffee exporter with a global reputation for superior quality, sustainability, and innovation made possible through close partnerships, client focus, and consumer engagement.” 


“Becoming a global leader of specialty coffee by guaranteeing the highest quality coffee, environmental stewardship, and corporate responsibility.” 


Latitudes Brazilian Coffees  was born from a dream of its founder Edgard Bressani, bringing his well known signature and vision of the international coffee market.


His Marketing background and approach are unique! It is easy to recognize the projects he has created.


 In July 2022, he invited Adriano Reis, Davi Giolo and Milton Augusto to join this journey. Augusto and Adriano have been working with Edgard for the past 15 years, and Davi for the past 10 years. So they were all invited to become Latitudes’ partners, a way Edgard found to thank his friends for the long journey together. Felipe Bressani is also a partner and has been prepared to step in as CEO when his uncle retires.

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Latitudes is a coffee exporter focused on strengthening ties between Brazilian specialty coffee producers of Arabica and Canephora (Robustas from the Amazon) and international buyers, always guaranteeing excellence in every single detail.  

Edgard has always had an enormous desire to continue breaking paradigms and to show that to the world that in Brazil buyers can find coffees of the highest quality as in any other origin.

He has spent 20 years of his life traveling the world for over 180 days a year, meeting the main buyers of specialty coffees and understanding their preferences in terms of sensory profiles and coffees offered by coffee producers.

Latitudes Brazilian Coffees invites you to embark on a journey. The journey of a small seed that became a plant — that generated another seed. It went through water, heat, the road, more heat, many blades, and more water. And behold, it shines, naturally sweet, intoxicating, all-encompassing.

Every coffee tells a story. It tells about nature, about many hands and affection. Other journeys. Knowing them brings us closer. Distances don't measure us. We are coordinates. We are a compass. We are global.

We stand side by side, approaching and treading new paths. We’re finding diversity along the way, subtleties and experiences.

It’s all about caring, strengthening, rediscovering. Rediscover Brazil, China and El Salvador, their wealth and their coffees. These continents of flavors. This universe of sensations. In your cup.

The passionate journey for coffee treasures.


Latitudes Brazilian Coffees is a coffer exporter (and also online platform in Brazil), selling fresh coffee in the domestic market and for the whole world.

We were born to close the gap between coffee producers and some of the best Arabica and Canephora coffees in the world and your cup.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of coffees from 42 different producing regions in Brazil, from the Amazon to Paraná (from the north to the south), selected by specialists with over 20 years of experience in the specialty coffee market from numerous coffee farms.

Edgard Bressani


Edgard Bressani has a degree in Law, Business, Marketing and Journalism, studied to be a diplomat and became a true "ambassador" of Brazilian Specialty Coffee. Bressani is the founder and CEO of Latitudes Brazilian Coffees, a Brazilian exporting company with a diverse line of green coffees and sales in more than 30 countries. 


He is also a board member and was President of Brazil Alta Mogiana Specialty Coffee Association (2021-2022), a Coffee Ambassador for the Robusta Amazonico Project, and spends more than 180 days a year abroad, doing presentations as a speaker in events, promoting farms, holding cupping sessions for clients and prospects at events in Europe, Asia, Middle East and in the USA. Edgard is the author of the book "The Barista Guide" (6th edition). 


Edgard supports and promotes, not only coffees from Brazil, but also from friends in China and El Salvador. He took his Q-Grader exams and is a Coffeologist by Coffee Consulate, Mannheim, Germany. He was also board member for  BSCA – Brazil Specialty Coffee Association.


He has been involved with the organization of the Barista Competitions in Brazil since 2002, and judges several championships – Barista, Brewers, Latte Art and Coffee in Good Spirits in Brazil and overseas. He attends since 2006 the Roaster Guild Retreats organized by SCA. 


From 2000 to 2004 he conducted the Cafés do Brasil Marketing Program for the Promotion of Specialty Coffees, a project of the Ministry of Agriculture. He was also the Executive Director of Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA), a member of the International Relations Council of the SCAA and the Brazilian National Chapter Coordinator for the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe - SCAE.  


From 2004–2010, he participated at WBC Competitions as a Certified Judge. In 2006, Bressani worked for P&A International Marketing, as a consultant, and was involved in programs in partnership with the ICO to Increase Coffee Consumption in Producing Countries and well as in the Center of Coffee Intelligence in his country. 


In 2007 he was invited to work for Ipanema Coffees in charge of New Business Development, Marketing and Institutional Relations. He has also been an active volunteer of the World Coffee Events, served on WBC's Rules and Regulations Committee, WBC's Training Committee and WBC's National Support Committee. Bressani was the President of the Brazil Coffee and Barista Association (ACBB) from 2008-2012, President of Brazil Coffee Origins Association, a WCE Board Member appointed by SCAA (2012-2014) and CEO of O'Coffee Brazilian Estates (2010-2016), a large agricultural company with coffee, cattle, eucalyptus, sugar cane, soy, a roastery and coffee shops in Sao Paulo.

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