Brazil has more than 300,000 coffee producing farms, unique experiences to be discovered and wonderful stories to be told. Since 1991, a quality coffee revolution has started in the country.






Diversity! Different coffee profiles! Exclusive Coffees!

Have you ever realized that coffee is one of the most dynamic products in the world?


From the beginning, when we look at that wild bush in Ethiopia, discoveries fascinate us every day. From new varieties and new crop management techniques to new methods of preparation, this is a market that is evolving at a fast pace.

In this whirlwind of new concepts, one thing tells us a lot about Brazil: the altitude X latitude paradigm. Contrary to what has always been believed, coffees grown at different altitudes can present beautiful, distinctive results in the cup. 

When we look at latitudes, as we distance ourselves from the Equator line, winters get colder and the average temperature is lower. 

In this way, the coffee cherry will mature for longer and the sweetness will be present in its flavor. On the other hand, as we approach the Equator, there's a tropical forest where robust specialties develop enviable complexities. 

Yes, coffee is one beverage always between transformations and discoveries, always in motion. And Latitudes Grand Cru Coffees is in this fourth wave of the drink.