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The Brazilian Coffee School is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with La Cimballi, a global leader in high-quality coffee solutions. This collaboration further enriches our educational offering, allowing students from different places to dive deep into the coffee universe with cutting-edge equipment.

In our mission to spread knowledge and passion for coffee, we also count on the support of Toby’s, a name recognized for its excellence and innovation in the sector. Together, these partnerships allow us to offer an unprecedented educational experience in the art and science of coffee cultivation.



La Cimballi: A Partnership that Transforms

With La Cimballi by our side, we ensure our students have access to some of the most recognized equipment in the world, essential for practical and advanced training. This partnership reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation in coffee education to train hundreds of people every year.


Toby’s: Inspiring the Future of Coffee

Our collaboration with Toby’s on social projects at Brazil Coffee School, from Latitudes Brazilian Coffees, is on a mission to share knowledge with producers. These are still the weakest link in the chain, the ones who bear the risk. With Toby’s support, we aim to teach producers to roast and taste their coffee. By understanding the sensory quality of the coffee they produce, they will have better marketing opportunities and also the chance to correct course post-harvest in the preparation of lots when something undesirable is detected. Together, we are defining the future of coffee, combining tradition and innovation.

A Unique Learning Journey in the World of Coffee

Diversity and Inclusion

At Brazil Coffee School, we understand that coffee touches many lives in different ways. That's why our course portfolio is designed to cater to a wide range of interests and needs:

Public School Students: We celebrate young talent with our essay contest, offering the winners annually the chance to explore the world of coffee, from seed to cup, at our school.

Areado Coffee Cultivation Course Students (Distance Learning): For those looking to deepen their knowledge in coffee cultivation, our course culminates with a one-week practical immersion at our school.

Coffee Course for Women: We've created a learning and empowerment space for women, highlighting their vital role in the coffee industry.

Course for Small Producers: We focus on strengthening small producers with training that covers everything from agricultural techniques to market strategies.

Join the School

At Brazil Coffee School, you don’t just learn about coffee; you live coffee. Join us!

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