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Regional contests in Brazil are the sources for many excellent quality single origin coffees in the most diverse categories. Delve into our distinguished line of single coffees, sourced from prestigious coffee quality competitions across Brazil.

They are also a way to find gems created by small producers across the country.

Every year, Latitudes Brazilian Coffees supports regional competitions by selecting through auctions, by its Coffee Quality Control Team, some of the best coffees from regional competitions.

We take immense pride in presenting a collection of coffees that epitomize excellence, sourced from renowned competitions and cherished for their unparalleled quality.

Discover Unrivaled Flavor Profiles: Each prize-winning coffee is a testament to the skill and dedication of Brazilian coffee producers. From fruity and floral notes to rich chocolatey undertones, our coffees offer a sensory journey like no other, captivating palates with their complexity and depth.

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