Latitudes Grand Cru Coffees is, essentially, a company focused on excellence.

All our coffees have scores above 80 points (SCA). They are coffees chosen by world famous coffee professionals, award-winning coffees, microlots, rare and exclusive nano lots, with certified and traceable beans, cultivated by artisans and prepared with special and innovative processing methods, which result in exceptional sensory attributes and profiles. We offer you some of the best coffees from Brazil, China, El Salvador and Peru.

To us, quality means rigor, consistency and service. For this reason, our coffees are carefully prepared and exported in packages from 5 kg, 30kg and 60 kg. 


The term “Grand Cru" designates the best wines produced in Burgundy, France, the highest qualification for the region’s produce. For us at Latitudes, coffee can be just as unique as a bottle of French wine, providing a unique and extraordinary sensory experience. Some of our product lines offer coffees scoring 86 and above.