1) What is Latitudes Grand Cru Coffees?

Coffee Soul is an exporter of specialty coffees from Brazil, a country of continent dimensions, which has 32 producing regions. The company also exports coffees from partners in China, El Salvador and Peru.


2) Which regions are the coffee estates located in?

33 different regions from Brazil.

Different regions from China, El Salvador and Peru.


3) How does Latitudes Grand Cru Coffees position itself?

Latitudes Grand Cru Coffees is a “Specialty Coffee Solution Provider” 

We offer:

• Coffees selected every year by coffee professionals in the industry and by champions.

• Microlots and nano-lots

• Coffee from several estates, direct trade, fully traceable.

• A wide selection of cherry naturals, naturally tree-dried.

• Honeys - Black Honey, Red Honey, Orange Honey, Yellow Honey and White Honey,

• Fully washed coffees 

• Caracolitos (Peaberries)

• “Secret Profile” - Custom-made blends created by clients 
• Special projects with fermentation and yeast

• Special preparations with fermentation and with yeast.

• Packaging: jute, polypropylene and paper, 30 kilos (66 pounds) or 59 kilos (130 pounds), with liners and GrainPro 

• 4 different cascaras with different taste profiles.


4) Does Latitudes Grand Cru Coffees sell to the domestic market?

Yes. Edgard Bressani is involved with the Barista Community in Brazil and in the world since the first championships started. As a Coffee Hunter, traveling also to visit estates in Brazil, many friends ask him for coffees. So some lots are sold to roasters in Brazil. Edgard also has a book written for baristas and coffee lovers = The Barista Guide.