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Robusta coffee export

Coffee is a rich and dynamic universe. The coffee paradigms that move us are constantly broken, thanks to researchers, agronomists, specialists, and coffee growers who are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.


Brazil's new Brazilian Specialty Canephoras are a good example of this ever-rising coffee movement. 


Whether in the Amazon, in Rondonia, where riverside and indigenous communities have produced an excellent quality robusta or in Espírito Santo, and Minas Gerais in the country's Southeast region, where great specialty conilon is found, it is possible to find in Brazil canephoras with the most engaging flavors and aromas that have been surprising everyone, with highs scores.

Edgard Bressani, Latitudes' CEO, is an Ambassador for the Robustas Amazonicos, produced at the region Matas de Rondônia, in the Amazon Region. Specialty Robusta coffee export is growing fast in our sales since it offers high quality, 85, 87, 88 points robustas and has been certainly breaking paradigms.

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