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Making an analogy to the saying "Like father, like son!", those who work with coffee always end up inspiring others.

For Felipe Bressani, nephew of Edgard Bressani, it was no different. From a young age, he followed his uncle’s work in promoting and marketing Brazilian specialty coffees to various countries around the world and was able to join him on international trips, participating in fairs and interning at the farm in various areas such as production, post-harvest, drying, quality, roasting, and marketing both domestically and abroad.

The seed was planted over 20 years ago! Felipe developed a taste for the subject, his palate refined by so many exceptional coffees at home, sought knowledge from seed to cup, and now the fruits are being harvested with this cool project to offer high-quality specialty coffees produced sustainably and with Conservation Agriculture practices, one of the first in Brazil.

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