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Felipe Bressani is a passionate and visionary entrepreneur, born in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil. From an early age, he showed interest in the business world, and after completing his studies in Business Administration, he decided to expand his academic and professional horizons.

In search of knowledge and international experiences, Felipe embarked on a study journey that took him to South Carolina, USA, and Cambridge, England. There, he immersed himself in business theories and practices, further broadening his knowledge and perspectives on the business world.

Back in Brazil, making an analogy to the saying “Like father, like son,” those who work with coffee always end up inspiring others. Felipe Bressani is the nephew of Edgard Bressani, founder and CEO of Latitudes Brazilian Coffees, and is being groomed for succession in running the business when his uncle steps down from management and assumes the role of chairman of the family companies' board.

For Felipe Bressani, it was no different. The seed was planted over 20 years ago. He developed a taste for coffee, honing his palate with so many exceptional coffees at home, and sought knowledge about coffee from seed to cup. From a young age, he followed his uncle’s work in promoting and marketing Brazilian specialty coffees and accompanied him on international trips, attending trade fairs and interning in his uncle’s projects in various areas such as production, post-harvest, drying, quality, roasting, and domestic and international marketing.

After several years of learning and growth, Felipe was invited to become one of Latitudes Coffees’ traders. However, Felipe’s entrepreneurial spirit drove him to seek new challenges and opportunities for innovation. This led him to found Terra Cafés Especiais, a brand that not only offers high-quality coffees but also promotes conservative and sustainable farming practices. With an unwavering commitment to environmental preservation and the well-being of farming communities, Terra Cafés Especiais quickly became a market reference.

Felipe is also the commercial manager of Link Torradores, a family business that distributes in Brazil the sample roaster produced in New Zealand, Link Nucleus. The project aims to offer the market an affordable and easy-to-use sample roasting tool that can be utilized by coffee professionals and coffee lovers.

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